NALA policy priorities and campaigns

Since the 1980s we have worked continuously in partnership with government departments, organisations, tutors and learners to advance adult literacy and numeracy policy.

This work is supported by evidence-based research which examines international best practice, reviews Irish policy and produces recommendations to meet the needs of people with literacy and numeracy difficulties.

To effectively tackle adult literacy difficulties in Ireland we need to work at many different levels. We need literacy and numeracy learning in our workplaces, homes, communities and social settings.

Our current policy priorities include:

  • Access to public services
  • Education and Training - working with SOLAS (see below)
  • Health
  • Family
  • Employment


Working with SOLAS

NALA is supporting SOLAS in the development of a Further Education and Training strategy, which will include a strategy for the development of adult literacy and numeracy. You can read more about it here.