Literacy research, policy papers and reports

Literacy for life, literacy for all

NALA believe there is a need for new thinking to develop a radical, creative and ambitious plan to meaningfully improve adult literacy, numeracy and digital skills in the next 10 years. This document shows how we are thinking big to create a vision for adult literacy post 2020.

Guidelines on the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in adult literacy services

This is a revised edition of Guidelines on the inclusion of adults with learning disabilities in literacy schemes (NALA 1999). In 2013, the Department of Education and Science (DES) Review of Adult Literacy Provision recommended revising and updating the original Guidelines. In 2015, SOLAS asked NALA to produce a Scoping Paper to inform that work. The Scoping Paper included a draft set of guidelines.

Health and Wellbeing Seminar

Presentation from our Health and Wellbeing Seminar.

Plain English and the law

This booklet highlights the importance and benefits of clear communication from a legal perspective. Our aim is to show you how plain English can save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary legal costs.

This booklet has three parts.

A Wealth of Practice: case studies of financial numeracy practice in Ireland

This report is part of a series of case studies that research and describe a range of adult literacy and numeracy programmes across Ireland. The research, which was carried out by the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA), presents six case studies that describe in detail the work of learning centres and tutors to improve adult learners’ financial skills, knowledge and understanding. The emphaisis is on numeracy, because of its essential role in using and understanding money

PIAAC 2012 survey results for Ireland


This report presents the results for Ireland of the OECD’s Survey of Adult Skills, also known as the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult competencies or PIAAC. The survey was carried out in Ireland between August 2011 and March 2012 by the Central Statistics Office on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills.

Impact of NALA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events (2012 and 2013)

This evaluation report shows evidence of the impact of NALA’s work. It can be most easily seen in the post event research which shows a huge number of participants stating that they learned something new at the NALA events and a large number saying that the NALA events inspired changes to their work. 

NALA response to SOLAS Legislation

The Further Education and Training (SOLAS) Bill is currently being considered by the Dail and SeanadThe Bill provides for the establishment of an education and training authority (SOLAS) which will strategise for, co-ordinate and fund Further Education and Training (FET) in Ireland.

Better Literacy and Numeracy for Children and Young People


NALA contribution to "Better Literacy and Numeracy for Children and Young People: A draft plan to improve literacy and numeracy in schools" (November 2010).


English for speakers of other languages - policy guidelines for VEC adult literacy schemes - summary document

Teaching ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) to members of linguistic minorities is a relatively new area for most Irish adult literacy services, and so many practitioners feel unsure of how to deal with areas such as assessment, provision, promotion, participation, training and accreditation. NALA has therefore developed these policy guidelines and supports for literacy practitioners dealing with adults whose first language is not English.