A literature review of international adult literacy policies

This literature review of international adult literacy policy was completed by the National Research and Development Centre for Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC), Institute Of Education, London, following a public tender process. 

The literature review focuses on research from 1990 to date and identifies specific policy developments and interventions aimed at people with literacy and basic skill needs from eight countries.  As well as education policies, there are examples which impact on wider policy agendas, such as health, employment and active citizenship.  As well as providing national perspectives, the review addresses cross-cutting themes, before identifying key messages for adult literacy policy development in Ireland.

The literature review will assist NALA to advance one of our strategic objectives to 2013, namely to ensure that adult literacy policy priorities are implemented.  This complements recent NALA work such as the Review of Adult Literacy Policy in Ireland, and a Cost Benefit Analysis of Adult Literacy Training, both published in 2009, and builds on NALA’s advocacy work going back to 1980.

NRDC, Institute of Education, London
Date of Publication
Thursday, 10 March, 2011