Midsummer Miracle

When twenty-something year old Lizzie inherits a crumbling mansion from her uncle, she moves to a remote village where the locals watch with bemusement as she struggles to renovate it.

Under pressure from relatives to sell up and move out, Lizzie struggles to make ends meet.

However, always at the back of her mind is her mother’s sage advice that midsummer is a magical time of opportunity when anything could happen…

 About the Author

Claudia Carroll has written over seven bestselling and critically acclaimed novels, including Personally, I Blame my Fairy Godmother and The Last of the Great Romantics. Two of her books have been optioned for movies by CBS and Canyon Creek Productions. Her third novel, Remind Me Again Why I Need A Man has been optioned by Fox TV for a series in the US. Claudia currently lives in Dublin.

Claudia Carroll
€ 7.00
Date of Publication
5 Mar 2015