Our vision and strategic plan

Dr Marie Griffin, CEO Co Dublin VEC, Minister Ciaran Cannon, T.D., Dr Elish Kelly, ESRI and Inez Bailey, NALA CEO

Our vision
We want Ireland to be a place where adult literacy is a valued right and where everyone can both develop their literacy and take part more fully in society.

Our strategic plan
We have three objectives, each with related actions that will be central to raising adult literacy levels in Ireland over the next three years.

Objective 1: Policy
Work to ensure that national adult literacy policy priorities are implemented.

Objective 2: Practice
Develop better literacy and numeracy learning opportunities through:
• an integrated learning approach, and
• other effective methods such as distance and blended learning.

Objective 3: Access
Make it easier for people with literacy difficulties to:
• take up literacy and numeracy learning opportunities, and
• use other services aimed at the public.