Working with SOLAS


NALA is supporting SOLAS in the development of a Further Education and Training strategy, which will include a strategy for the development of adult literacy and numeracy.

We are actively contributing to the consultation and development processes.

  • NALA participated in the 1:1 and group consultations on the FET strategy, as well as facilitating the SOLAS consultations with learners in January 2013.
  • NALA is a member of the SOLAS FET Advisory Group, which includes a range of stakeholders to support the development of the Further Education and Training Strategy until completion in March 2014. 
  • NALA provided a detailed submission to the Department of Education and Skills consultation process on SOLAS in January 2012.


Priorities for Adult Literacy and Numeracy

NALA has identified five key priorities for the strategy to raise adult literacy levels.  These are:

1.  Raise awareness of learning opportunities and support greater engagement by people with literacy and numeracy needs in FET

2.  Integrate literacy and numeracy into all FETprogrammes.

3.   Provide intensive learning programmes for people who are unemployed, in the workplace and supporting families.

4.  Use blended learning and Recognition of Prior Learning to acquire qualifications at NFQ Levels 1-4, for example

5.  Set and monitor appropriate targets.


These priorities are firmly based on research evidence and are informed by our members and adult literacy learners.   They aim to:

  • support individuals with literacy and numeracy difficulties to access learning opportunities that meet their needs,
  • contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society, and
  • tackle unemployment and make our economy and businesses more productive and competitive. 


Key NALA Submissions

NALASubmission to SOLAS, January 2012 -


NALA Submission to DES Further Education and Training Review, February 2011 -