Training events

NALA offers training events and conferences to Adult Literacy Organisers (ALOs) tutors and resource workers. Our aim is to run innovative and exciting forums and conferences. These events are aimed at adult literacy practitioners to highlight new initiatives and ideas in adult literacy practice and to demonstrate best practice and initiatives which worked.

NALA has been doing this for 30 years. The main professional development events include an Adult Literacy Organisers Forum, a National Forum for Adult Literacy Tutors, an ESOL conference, a Family Learning conference and a Numeracy conference.

The aim of our professional development events is to pass on new ideas, best practice, information and learning to those who attend so that the practitioners will use what they’ve learned and that they will change the way that they work as a result of attending the event. In post event surveys we measure the extent to which practitioners learned something new and used what they learned in their work after the event.


Key achievements

The key achievements from the NALA professional development events are that practitioners consistently report back in post event surveys that they have learned things at our events and have changed the way they work as a result of the events.  

We work with a range of academics, researchers, consultants and adult literacy practitioners and students who present and facilitate workshops on a vast range of subjects. We do research with adult literacy practitioners before events to discover their needs and ideas for events, topics and speakers and we then tailor our events around their feedback.