We represent adults with literacy difficulties

We make sure the views and experience of adults with literacy and numeracy difficulties are heard and taken into account by policy makers.

We make sure their views:

  • give us further insights into adult literacy issues,
  • guide and inform the quality of our work, and
  • are heard and taken account by politicians and policy makers

Through our student development work we hear the views and opinions of literacy students across Ireland and reflect this through our work with educators, policy makers and government.


Below is an overview of our work with students:


1. Students on NALA's Board.


2. Student Subcommittee of the Board meets 7 times a year. 
The Sub-committee has Terms of Reference, feeds in issues to the Board and plays a very active role in the work of the Agency.


3. NALA Student Days
NALA holds two student days a year one in Dublin and one outside of Dublin. Students meet other students from different parts of the country, hear interesting speakers and go to a workshop. NALA meets students, hears their views and share the views with NALA's membership and other stakeholders.


4. NALA Student Development Fund
Centres can apply to NALA for up to €650 for a non-tuition student activity and they are required to give student feedback to NALA on set topics.


5. Student involvement in NALA’s promotion and lobbying work

Students regularly speak about their experience on radio, TV, in newspaper articles. Students have played a central role in TV Programmes, on videos / DVDs and websites and on the Ploughing Championships stand.


6. Literacy Awareness Training
Student input is considered very effective by a wide range of organisations – disability groups, health sector and law society.


7. Ongoing usability testing of www.writeon.ie and other learning materials with students.


8. Student members of NALA

9. Support for student involvement in the Evolving Quality Framework at local level. Evaluation tool which involved all the stakeholders and centrally the students.


10. NALA has organised many students events over the years:

  • Learner Ambassador Programme 2014
  • Being on a Board training in 2014
  • The importance of a Learner voice on the ETBs 2012
  • Conference on Dyslexia 2008
  • Writing Weekends in 2005 and 2006
  • Conference Who makes decisions and where 2005
  • Committee skills, public speaking and personal development 2003
  • Introducing learners to the Quality Framework and outlining their role 2002
  • Personal development training for students 2000/01
  • Published learners’ writings in 1987, 1998 and 2000
  • Defining quality in adult basic education from a students' perspective 1999
  • Developing or establishing student committees 1998
  • Learning in practice 1997
  • Networking 1996
  • Learning to learn 1994/95
  • Joint training events in the regions 1993
  • Writing Weekends for learners 1988 and 1990