Student events

NALA Student Day in Limerick 2019


Two NALA Student Days in 2019

- Dublin in the Ashling Hotel on Saturday 23 March

- Limerick in the Strand Hotel on Saturday 13th April


Here's typical feedback from a student about the day:

"Thought it was a lovely day, and the best day out. The new things I found out were very helpful. I met helpful people from other centres and enjoyed it so much."


Who are the NALA Student Days for?

The student days are adults who are:

• Improving your literacy and numeracy in an adult education centre

• Improving your literacy or numeracy using NALA's Distance Learning Service - doing tuition over the phone or using the website

• Improving your English in an adult education centre (doing English for Speakers of Other Languages - ESOL)


What happens on the days?

At the student day you will meet other students from different parts of the country, hear interesting speakers and go to some workshops.

The student days are free and NALA provides free tea and coffee and lunch too!

We ask people coming to the days to join NALA as members if they are not already members. This is to show their interest in literacy and numeracy issues and that they support NALA's work.


Why are these days important to NALA?

The student days are important to NALA because they are one of the ways we hear directly from students. Other ways are through our Student Subcommittee and through the NALA Student Development Fund. After the student days we write a report to capture students issues. Student issues from 2019 are outlined below. Also see report on the 2018 student days attached below.


Student issues we heard about at the 2019 student days

Tutors and Adult Literacy Organisers were credited with giving students support and encouragement. This made returning to learning into a really positive experience. It helped to instill a new love for education.

Many students had not heard of NALA's Distance Learning Service. They saw how it could be useful to compliment their classes. Also they could use it during the summer months when their centres were closed. Also where they were stuck on something in class and wanted to get support on that particular thing. They could link with a tutor over the phone.

Students spoke really highly of the monthly Distance Learner worksheets. This is sent to members in our monthly e-zine. You can join NALA here as a free member. Students suggested previous worksheets could be compiled into a workbook.

Students at the plain English workshops said they found social welfare forms, census forms, pension documents and ETB forms hard to read. They were pleased with NALA working with other organisations to make information to the public more accessible.

Feedback from the "Useful apps and keeping safe online" workshop suggests there is demand and students would attend classes on this locally. NALA has a list of suggested content for such a workshop - email for copy.

Students said fear of the unknown, lack of confidence, computer skills and lack of information can stop them from moving on and trying something new. Also being comfortable where they are. Language, times of classes and transport can be issues for some people too. Students were very interested in hearing about learning opportunities available - in ETBs, libraries, partnership compaines and online through TED talks, and useful apps. Students were keen to know the routes for progression and to know that the Guidance Service is there to help.

The report on the Student Days in 2019 will be out shortly. Contact for a copy.