Registration for NALA’s Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Friday 22 March.

Registration is now closed.

If you have any questions about registration or the event, please contact Michelle Reade, Governance and Compliance Officer. Michelle’s phone number is: 087 291 6383 or you can email Michelle at

Tips to help you fill in the registration form

Each Free Member and Individual Member who attends will have one vote to decide on the voting items.

Each Organisational Member may send up to three delegates to vote. Each delegate who attends will have one vote to decide on the voting items.

Make sure you are a Member of NALA on the day of the EGM

We hope you can come to our EGM. Please make sure you continue to be a Member on the day of the EGM with any fees you may need to pay paid up.

Fill in your details in the relevant box on the next page and return this form to us. This is the most important step. The first box is for Free or Individual Members. The second is for Organisational members.

Tell us if you have any special dietary requirements for lunch if joining us for lunch on 22 March

Further information and all documents can be found at on this webpage: NALA’s EGM 2024

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