Plain English Service

When you use plain English more people can understand your information.

What is plain English?

Plain English is a way of writing and presenting information that helps someone understand it the first time they read or hear it. It involves short clear sentences and using everyday words. It does not involve small print or unnecessary jargon.

Why use plain English?

1. It makes good business sense

Plain English saves you time and money. Clearer information is shown to reduce mistakes and complaints.

2. It’s increasingly a legal matter

Plain English gives people information they understand and enables them to make informed choices.

3. It’s fair

When you use plain English more people can understand your information.
This is important for the one in six people in Ireland who have literacy difficulties.

Plain English editing and training

We can edit or write your documents or web content – from short letters and leaflets to annual reports, training manuals and style guides. We also offer training to give you the know-how and skills to write in plain English.


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Plain English mark

We award a plain English Mark to documents or websites that meet international plain English standards.


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Plain English tips

Use our plain English writing and design tips to help improve your written information.


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Plain English Awards

Congratulations to the Department of Public Expenditure and the National Disability Authority who are the joint winners of the Plain English Awards. The awards, which are sponsored by leading law firm Mason Hayes & Curran, are a way of publicly acknowledging businesses and organisations that communicate in plain English.


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Plain English Services

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