What we do

We help people improve their literacy and numeracy

Since 2000, NALA has been using television, radio, print, telephones and the internet to provide educational opportunities to people who want to improve their literacy. We operate a Distance Learning Service and provide tutor support over the phone and internet. We also manage an e-learning website where people can have their skills assessed across a number of areas and then be prescribed an individual learning plan to improve these areas.

We raise awareness of literacy services

We raise awareness of literacy services through national awareness campaigns. We have produced eleven TV series in association with RTE and national TV, Radio and Cinema advertising campaigns. NALA operate a Freephone support line that is staffed by experienced operators who can identify callers’ needs and advise them on free services nationwide. This includes tuition in 120 local adult education centres or NALA’s distance learning service where they tutor people over the phone.

We advance adult literacy policy through research

We work in partnership with government departments, organisations, tutors and learners to advance adult literacy policy.  This work is supported by evidence-based research which examines international best practice, reviews Irish policy and produces recommendations to meet the needs of people with literacy difficulties. Our policy work aims to influence Government policy and lobby for appropriate actions and funds to improve literacy and numeracy levels in Ireland.

We make approaches to teaching more effective

Good practice in adult literacy work starts with the needs and interests of individuals. It is concerned with personal development and building confidence as well as technical skills. For 30 years NALA has pioneered new teaching methods, developing guidelines for good adult literacy work and tutor training programmes. We provide tutor training, develop teaching materials, manage continuous professional development conferences, and integrate literacy in vocational training programmes.

We remove barriers to people with literacy difficulties

We provide professional services to help organisations remove literacy-related barriers to customers accessing their services or to staff who may have difficulties reading or writing. This includes a plain English service, literacy awareness training, advice on workplace basic education programmes, recruitment and training policies. Our service is about making sure that no one with a literacy difficulty is excluded from a service, from promotion or from other important decisions, because of their literacy difficulties.

We represent adults with literacy difficulties

We make sure the views and experience of adults with literacy and numeracy difficulties are heard and taken into account by policy makers.

We make sure their views:

  • give us further insights into adult literacy issues,
  • guide and inform the quality of our work, and
  • are heard and taken account by politicians and policy makers

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