Health literacy

People who are better informed about their health live longer.

Many people who deal effectively with other aspects of their lives find health information difficult to obtain, understand, or use. Patients are often faced with complex information and treatment decisions.

International research has shown that patients who are better informed about their health have more effective consultations with their health care provider, are better informed about the medicines they are prescribed, are more likely to comply with their medication and as a result have improved health outcomes.

NALA has been at the forefront of this work, making the link between literacy levels in Ireland and the impact this has on people’s health. We work closely with the Health Service Executive (HSE) and other healthcare providers to progress this area through research, training and advisory services.

Health sector services

People working in the healthcare sector play an important part in improving health literacy and numeracy by communicating more clearly and making information and services more accessible to patients. We provide research, training, audits and specialist advice.

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Health information for the general public

There is more to health literacy than learning. We also must change our practice and be more confident in our communication with health professionals.

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Crystal Clear Mark

This national programme offers pharmacies the opportunity to gain a unique quality mark.

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Health literacy awareness

The National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) and the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) have produced a number of health literacy awareness videos to support cancer patients and their families. MSD Ireland funded the videos.

We developed these videos to give detailed information around a number of key areas, which affect patients’ lives on a daily basis. They are short and concise, providing a patient perspective and including helpful tips and advice.

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Literacy awareness
Cancer health literacy course

Cancer health literacy eLearning course

The Irish Cancer Society and the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA)  joined forces to produce a short eLearning course for healthcare professionals that explores the benefits of good health literacy practice in cancer care. MSD Ireland funded the course.

Please note: The course takes about 20 minutes to complete. We recommend you complete it in one sitting as your progress does not save.

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