The General Election is here. On Saturday 8 February we will vote for candidates and political parties who will run our country.

We want to elect TDs who value adult literacy, education and lifelong learning.

Why is this important?

Literacy is a human right

In Ireland, more than 500,000 people struggle with reading, writing or doing simple math. This means they may be unable to fill in a form, work out a bill, help kids with homework, use their vote or search the web for information. (OECD 2013)

This has a devastating impact on individuals, communities, the economy and our society.

Strong literacy will help build an equal society but we need your help.

How can I get involved?

Our campaign manifesto

NALA has six recommendations to improve adult literacy, numeracy and digital skills.

  1. Appoint a Junior Minister for lifelong learning and literacy.
  2. Develop a creative, ambitious and aligned Whole-of-Government Strategy for literacy, numeracy and digital skills over the next 10 years.
  3. Introduce a Plain Language Act to require government and public services to communicate in plain English that the public can understand and use.
  4. All adults with literacy, numeracy and digital needs and or less than a Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) Level 4 qualification should have access to a high quality and relevant learning programmes.
  5. Develop new and innovative ways to improve literacy.
  6. Introduce a targeted paid learning leave programme for employees in work with unmet literacy, numeracy and digital needs and or less than a QQ Level 4 qualification or Junior Cert to develop these skills if they wish to do so.

Read more about our Election Manifesto here

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