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In Ireland, one in six adults has unmet literacy needs. This has a devastating impact on individuals, families and communities.

With your help, we can change this so that everyone in Ireland has the chance to develop their literacy, numeracy, and digital skills to take part fully in society.

Please consider becoming a NALA Member or Supporter today to:

  • make a difference to literacy in Ireland
  • promote literacy, numeracy and digital skills as human rights
  • share what you learn with friends and family
  • support our work and
  • give us insights and feedback to inform our work


What is the difference between being a Member and Supporter?

A Member has the following legal responsibilities:

  • to pay a maximum of €1.00 towards any debts that NALA has if it has to close down
  • to agree to a Code of Conduct
  • must pay the membership fee, or have it waived​
  • can take part in events, meetings and surveys to give their views
  • can vote at those meetings

A Supporter:

  • does not have any legal responsibilities
  • does not have to pay a membership fee
  • can make a donation
  • can take part in events, meetings and surveys to give their views
  • cannot vote at those meetings


Want to become a Member?

We have two main types of membership:

1. Individuals can join for €25 or for free

2. Organisations can join from €50. We have two types of organisational membership for:

  • Local organisations that work at local level such as Adult Literacy Centres, Youthreach centres, National Learning Network local centres, local non-profit organisations and city libraries. The membership fee is €50
  • Larger organisations that work at a county, regional, national or international level such as Education and Training Boards, county libraries, larger non-profit organisations and corporate members. The membership fee is €150.

What are the benefits of Membership?

  • Receive regular updates about developments in literacy in Ireland and our activities
  • Be able to vote at our Annual General Meeting
  • Get a 10% discount on our plain English editing and training service (Organisational members only)

Want to be a Supporter?

If you’re not sure being a Member is for you, please consider becoming a NALA Supporter.

How do I join as a Member or Supporter?

Our online membership portal is currently unavailable while we make some changes. So please follow the directions below for the option that suits you best.

I am currently a member

Please contact us to:

  • check
  • change your details
  • cancel your membership.

If you are emailing us please include the following information:

  • your name
  • the name of your organisation (if an Organisational Member) and
  • details of your request

I want to become a member

Fill in the relevant application form below and then return it to us by post or email (

I want to become a supporter

Fill in this supporter application form and return it to us by post or email (

I have some questions and, or I need some help

We can be contacted:

by email:

by post:


National Adult Literacy Agency

Sandford Lodge, Sandford Close


Dublin 6

D06 YF65

By phone: Michelle on 087 291 6383


Please note that, from March 2024, all memberships will renew 1 February of each year.

All individuals and organisations that were active members on 22 March 2024 have had their membership expiration date extended to 31 January 2025.  Members will be reminded by email that their membership will expire a month in advance.

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