Date: January 2022
Author: NALA

NALA Student Development Fund Annual report 2021

This report gives an overview of the NALA Student Development Fund in 2021. It includes information on:

1.   how the fund was used (page 6);

2.   responses students gave about their experiences – learning from the Covid-19 pandemic (page 13); and

3.   the impact of the fund from staff in centres point of view (page 20).

 The aim of this report is to share the student feedback and also show the benefits of consulting students and having non-tuition group activities.

 Local centres that receive the Fund really appreciate it and see huge benefits to it. The benefits include bringing new experiences and skills to students, teambuilding and giving students a voice. This report is of interest to those involved in adult literacy provision and to those involved in adult education more generally.

 SOLAS, the Further Education and Training Authority of Ireland provides €40,000 finance for the Fund. NALA administers the Student Development Fund which supports local centres to carry out a non-tuition group activity for adult literacy students. The fund encourages student empowerment and the enjoyment of learning in the community.



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