Want to help?

Literacy is deeply connected with the rights of individuals and communities: it is about their right to have a voice in society; to continue and extend their education; to read and to be read. We know from our work in this area that improving these skills can bring massive benefits to individuals, families and communities but we need your support. Here are some of the ways you can help.

  • Join us today

    Join us today

    Be part of NALA’s campaign to ensure people with literacy difficulties can fully take part in society and can access learning opportunities that meets their needs.

  • Donate


    To effectively tackle adult literacy difficulties in Ireland we need to work at many different levels. We will ensure your donation is used to make sure people with literacy difficulties can fully take part in society and have access to learning opportunities that meet their needs.

  • Collect used books

    Collect used books

    Ever thought about what you should do with your used books? Why not send them to Better World Books - they sell books online to raise money for leading literacy charities around the world.

  • Corporate sponsorships

    Corporate sponsorships

    Many Irish companies and organisations have provided much need funding to pay for campaigns to raise awareness of the literacy issue in Ireland. Their support has been invaluable. 

  • Volunteer as a literacy tutor

    Volunteer as a literacy tutor

    Becoming a volunteer literacy tutor is a great thing to do but you will need to do some initial training. This usually involves attending a class with other volunteers for one evening a week for about 6 weeks.