Introduction to literacy – Webinar for the community and voluntary sector

Intro to literacy web

This free training webinar for the community and voluntary sector is a one-hour introduction to literacy, numeracy and digital literacy in Ireland. 

Literacy in Ireland

In Ireland, over 500,000 adults struggle with reading and understanding information and using everyday maths. This means they may find it difficult to: 

  • fill in a form
  • divide or add up a bill
  • help kids with homework

Community and voluntary organisations provide essential support and services to communities across Ireland. You are in a unique position to champion literacy and be a support to those who are nervous or embarrassed to ask for help.  

About this webinar

This webinar will help you better understand the issues, hear from colleagues about being literacy friendly, and get tips you can bring back to your organisation 

 We will look at: 

  • What is literacy;  
  • the impact of struggling with reading, writing, everyday numbers or digital tasks; 
  • Using a literacy friendly approach;  
  • Your experience of responding to adults with literacy, numeracy and digital needs; 
  • Tips for how to support people sensitively; and
  • Using plain English.


  • Literacy Ambassador who returned to learning with an Education and Training Board
  • Derv Ryan – Literacy Development and Outreach Worker
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