Webinar: Introduction to plain English – Top tips for clear communication

Introduction to plain English web

This webinar is now complete and can be watched back at the link below.

Join the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) for this free online interactive workshop for the community and voluntary sector on clear communication.

You’ll get a chance to improve your own writing skills and practise the top six tips of:

* imagining your readers and speaking directly to them;

* using the active voice;

* using everyday words – the words of your readers and cutting jargon and explaining technical words;

* keeping sentences short, use 15-20 words;

* using the inverted pyramid of writing; and using white space, headings and bullets to break-up text.

Facilitator: Sean Driver, NALA Plain English Editor and Trainer.

This is the forth and final webinar in our four-part webinar series for the community and voluntary sector. If you join us for all four webinars you will receive a NALA Certificate of Completion.

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