Webinar: Literacy for liberation

Literacy for liberation 15 September 2022

This webinar is now complete and can be watched back at the link below.

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In Ireland, over 500,000 adults struggle with reading and understanding information and using everyday maths. This means they may find it difficult to fill in a form, vote, read and understand instructions on medicines, divide or add up a bill or help kids with homework. 42% of Irish adults struggle with basic digital tasks such as looking up a website or sending an email.  

Community and voluntary organisations have meaningful and caring relationships with thousands of people in communities across Ireland. You are in a unique position to champion a literacy-friendly approach to communicate effectively. Your team can promote literacy-friendly information and support adults with literacy needs by referring to relevant adult literacy supports.    

This webinar will look at adult literacy, numeracy and digital literacy needs and how you or your organisation can use a literacy-friendly approach and support adults if appropriate.    

We will look at: 

* What is literacy; 

* Challenges of participating fully in society with a literacy need; 

* Using a literacy-friendly approach; 

* Your experience of responding to adults with literacy, numeracy and digital needs;

* Tips for how to deal sensitively with adults with literacy, numeracy and digital needs; and

* Plain English. 


Derv Ryan, Literacy Development and Outreach Worker, will discuss what literacy is, the importance of using a literacy-friendly approach and the unique position of the community and voluntary sector in promoting adult literacy services and supports.

NALA Student Subcommittee and Board Member, Maurice Sammon, will speak about his experience of education with the Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board. Maurice will also highlight the important role of people in support services planting the seed of adult education.

Helen Ryan, Policy Officer, will discuss how you can respond sensitively to people with unmet literacy, numeracy and digital literacy needs by using a literacy-friendly approach.

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