Adult literacy and numeracy in action – new research free to download

September 23, 2013

Research into adult literacy and numeracy has been has been neglected in an Irish context and we currently know relatively little about the teaching methodologies and pedagogies amongst Irish adult literacy and numeracy tutors. In an attempt to address the dearth of research in this area the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) in partnership with the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), set out to talk to Adult Literacy Organisers and tutors to gain access to their experiences and views on a range of issues related to adult literacy and numeracy issues.

The objectives of the research were to:

·         Identify and capture teaching and learning in literacy and numeracy practice in Ireland, and

·         Provide detailed information on teaching and learning practice that will be a resource to adult literacy and numeracy practitioners.

This report presents six case studies on current teaching practices in adult literacy and numeracy in Ireland. Each case study highlights practice as it happens and illustrates aspects of the principles of good adult literacy work. They are part of an ongoing research process that will capture and document adult literacy and numeracy teaching and learning. The research will be available to tutors, teachers and other practitioners.

You can download it here for free.

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