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March 21, 2017

We are looking for people to act as Learner Ambassadors to help us motivate and encourage other adults to take up a learning opportunity in Ireland.

What is a Learner Ambassador?
A Learner Ambassador is a student who shares their story about the benefits of returning to education with people in their community and by doing so often motivates others to take up a learning opportunity.

How will the project work?
Each Learner Ambassador will be invited to attend a free day-long briefing session and workshops about the project. This session will take place in June 2017 will be an opportunity for learners to meet and network with other people taking part in the project.  At this session each Learner Ambassador will receive presentation skills training and media training.

The presentation skills training will show the Learner Ambassadors how to promote education within groups, associations or networks they are involved in. Following this training day, each Learner Ambassador will identify and complete two or more presentations or informal talks in their local community with another Learner Ambassador. And they won’t be alone because at each step of the process there will be a dedicated project coordinator in NALA who will guide the Learner Ambassador through the process and help them complete the presentations.

The media training will prepare Learner Ambassadors for doing local radio or newspaper interviews.

Local advertising materials
NALA will arrange and pay for advertising materials (pull up banner stands, posters, leaflets, postcards) to be created for each Learner Ambassador. This material will then be given to the Learner Ambassador’s local education service and can be used for any of the service’s promotional activities including National Adult Literacy Awareness Week 2017 (8-15 September)

Launch of Learner Ambassador Programme
There will be a special event in September (during National Adult Literacy Awareness Week) to officially launch the Learner Ambassador Programme. Both the Learner Ambassadors and their tutors will be invited to attend this event. More details on this will be available at a later date.

Why are Learner Ambassadors important?
Students are vital in bringing to life the benefits of returning to education. There is nobody better placed to encourage others to return to education than those who faced the same challenges and fears themselves. By becoming Learner Ambassadors they will have a unique opportunity to encourage other people who may be thinking about doing a course to take that first step into their local Education and Training Board.

How much will it cost?
There is no cost involved in becoming a Learner Ambassador. Travel, training and expenses will be agreed beforehand with each Learner Ambassador and this will be paid by the project. If you would like to nominate a student to become a Learner Ambassador we would be delighted to hear from you. Just email Patrick Gleeson at or call 01 412 7916 for more information

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