This year the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) and Patricia Scanlan worked with New Island publishers to develop a new Open Door book called ‘LEGENDS’ with a workbook Legends Matter.

If you are a tutor or an organisation working with learners you can order copies for free and we will post these out to you.

Order ‘LEGENDS’ and Legends Matter for learners in your centre

If you want to brush up on your reading, writing, maths or technology skills using the ‘LEGENDS’ resources, call us on Freephone 1 800 20 20 65.


LEGENDS is a non-fiction book with stories from some of Ireland’s greatest sports stars. The stories are written in plain English for new and emerging adult readers.

The inspiring stories are drawn from bestselling autobiographies and other first-hand accounts from well-known sporting legends across a range of sports. These include Ireland’s first female rally car driver to Olympic winners to GAA, rugby, horseracing and athletics stars across the country. It was jointly funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development, and the Department for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science.

Order ‘LEGENDS’ for your centre here

Legends Matter

LEGENDS is accompanied by a free workbook – Legends Matter. The workbook will have reading and writing exercises, puzzles, quizzes and other learning activities around the sporting stories. NALA is using QR codes throughout the workbook to direct people to additional content, information and resources online.

Order the Legends Matter workbook for your centre here

View Legends Matter

LEGENDS and the Legends Matter workbook will be provided for free to adults who are currently attending courses to improve their reading and writing skills. Order your ‘LEGENDS’ and Legends Matter for your centre here. The books are also being sent to all libraries in Ireland.

We hope that these resources will be of interest to people who are enthusiastic and passionate about sport and that it might support and inspire people to improve their literacy skills.

Legends Matter Workbook – QR code links

If you are using the Legends Matter workbook you will see QR codes on certain pages that will bring you to the NALA
website page on a particular sport.

On that website page we have links to videos, podcasts, articles and other resources that you can watch and enjoy. You can also access these pages below.

Page 11 – Rugby

Page 15 – Boxing

Page 19 – Running

Page 23 – Soccer

Page 27 – GAA Football

Page 31 – Running

Page 35 – Horseracing

Page 39 – GAA Football

Page 43 – Boxing

Page 47 – GAA Football

Page 51 – Soccer

Page 55 – GAA Hurling

Page 59 – Rally Car Driving

Page 63 – GAA Hurling

Page 67 – Rugby


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