New TV series about education in the home – would your family like to take part?

February 1, 2013

Animo TV is producing a new six part documentary series, which will look at promoting education in the home for families who struggle to overcome many of the obstacles that modern life can create.

This series will follow 6 families as they take a journey to integrate learning into everyday life. With the pressures of life today every family finds it hard to meet their own expectations for what they can do together.  Here we will enable families to get more out of everyday activities that can have a learning component built in. Learning is much more than doing homework and we want to empower families to do more.  Each programme will focus on one family’s story, the challenges they face and the techniques they learn to overcome these challenges.

In each episode, the featured family will work with their own mentor who will guide and support them on this life-changing journey. The family will work towards completing a task tailored for them. The task will help the family work together to use and improve all areas of education, with emphasis on areas that the family find particularly problematic e.g. using the computer or maths.  This will be done in a fun way.  There will also be a team of experts on hand to provide tips and interesting techniques, which the family can use in their day to day lives.

The community will play an important role in this process, providing support for each family and showcasing the learning resources that are available across the length and breadth of the country.

Interested in taking part?

We are currently looking for families who, for a variety of reasons, find it difficult to incorporate education into their day to day family lives and wish to overcome the challenges that result from this. The hope for the series is to give families a fresh start as they gain new life skills that will stay with them; it promises to be a fun and exciting journey. If your family or a family you know would like to take part in this programme, please get in touch using the details below.


Contact: Aileen Heavey


Direct Line: 01 646 8250

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