Read NALA’s submission to the FET strategy consultation

June 28, 2019


NALA is supporting SOLAS in the development of the second Further Education and Training strategy.

As part of this, we have made a submission to a recent consultation process about the new strategy. The main themes for our submission are the development of adult learner agency and the supply of necessary innovative supports, from FET providers and other government departments and agencies, to significantly expand access to adult literacy learning for those with less than a Level 4 qualification.

These themes should be advanced on the grounds of equity – as part of a new vision for adult literacy in Ireland

Every person has a right to literacy, numeracy and digital skills. Having these basic skills enables a person to have a voice and participate fully in society; to continue learning and extend their education; and to access the same opportunities as everyone else. By improving these skills, Ireland can be a better and more equal society.

To improve adult literacy, numeracy and digital skills effectively will require intensive literacy tuition which will increase the success rate of basic skills learners and support people with the weakest skills. For employees with basic skills needs, targeted paid learning leave to support improving their basic skills would show real government commitment to upskilling and lead the way in Europe in this area.

Ireland must invest in people, invest in adult literacy and invest in society.

NALA’s submission to the consultation for the new FET strategy is now available to read.

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