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January 6, 2020

Strategic Plan

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Our vision

Our vision is an Ireland where adult literacy is a human right, where everyone can develop their literacy, numeracy, and digital skills, and where individuals can take part fully in society.

Our priorities for the next three years

The theme for our Strategic Plan 2020-2022 is to make Ireland more inclusive by creating opportunities and pathways for individuals to improve their literacy, numeracy, and digital skills. This theme informs the objectives and actions in this plan, and the collaborative approach that we take to our work.

Objective 1

NALA has worked with SOLAS, Ireland’s further education and training authority, over the course of its Further Education and Training (FET) Strategy 2014-2019, to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for the adult population in Ireland. This strategy has now been updated by SOLAS in consultation with stakeholders from across the sector.

This work is very important and NALA will continue to work in partnership with SOLAS, Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI), the Education and Training Boards (ETBs), and other organisations, to implement the FET Strategy 2020-2024. This will include how we will work together to design and deliver innovative solutions to problems, professional development tools, and how we promote literacy, numeracy and digital supports together.

For this reason, our first objective is: To work in partnership to add value to the delivery of the FET Strategy 2020-2024 as it relates to adult literacy, numeracy, and digital skills.

Objective 2

NALA has recognised that the point at which literacy, numeracy, and digital skills supports are first sought is often when someone is experiencing difficulties. If tailored assistance can be provided at the point where they need help, it can support the person to address an immediate and important issue. It can also provide a pathway to seek further literacy, numeracy and digital skills supports. To achieve these outcomes, a sustained focus on specific environments is required.

For these reasons, our second objective for 2020-2022 is: To create and share supports to improve literacy, numeracy and digital skills in healthcare and community development.

Objective 3

The way we communicate and access information has changed and continues to evolve. A priority for NALA is to remain creative and innovative in how we use technology to improve literacy, numeracy and digital skills; and to help adults to access our supports as and when they need them. We also wish to continue our research to inform adult literacy policy and initiatives, and to conduct strategic communication campaigns to draw attention to the supports that are available.

Our third objective is, therefore: To increase literacy, numeracy and digital skills through research, innovation, and effective communication.

NALA Strategic Plan 2020-2022

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