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June 10, 2022


The Big Picture

Disclaimer: These materials were created in 2005, some of the content may be outdated. NALA does its best to ensure that our resources are up to date and accurate at the time of publication. However over time, some of the information in our resources may have changed. Some examples we use may be out of date and incorrect, and we recommend that you check them for accuracy (how correct they are).

The Big Picture 1 & 2 consists of themed lesson plans, that are aimed at ESOL tutors and learners in Ireland. The lessons range in level from beginner ESOL learners, through to exercises for higher-level learners, so that tutors may teach the same theme in a mixed-level class. The emphasis is on task-based learning and speaking. Each lesson provides the opportunity for practising listening, speaking, reading, writing and building vocabulary.

Mixed literacy levels are also taken into account and a number of exercises require very little written ability, focusing on pictorial prompts and speaking. In addition, some exercises may also be appropriate for learners with fair to good spoken English, but low literacy levels. We have used the basic term “Basic Literacy” for these learners in the lesson plans. Those learners who have very little spoken English and low or no literacy skills have been termed “ESOL Literacy” in the lesson plans.


How to use – The Big Picture: 

Each section has a themed lesson plan relating to situations in everyday life. The lesson plans are before each exercise.

The Lesson Plans outline:

• Objectives
• Functions
• Level of the exercise
• Materials covered

The Lesson Plans also include:

• Key vocabulary for the exercise which can be pre-taught
• Instructions on how to set up and carry out the activity
• Suggestions for variations and extension activities

The Big Picture is not meant to be used as a curriculum; rather, it is hoped that tutors can dip in and out of it to suit the needs of the learners. The material is designed for use in various ways and for a variety of learners.



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