Date: 2009
Author: NALA
ISBN: 978-1-907171-03-1

A plain English guide to environmental terms

‘From Air Quality to Zero Emissions’ is a new resource developed by the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) and the Department of the Environment that helps explain common environmental terms in plain English. The explanations are designed to help describe ideas and concepts rather than to give strict scientific definitions. While the list is not exhaustive, NALA and the Department hope to continuously update the guide online and would welcome your feedback. Just as we all have a responsibility to protect the environment for future generations, we also have a responsibility to communicate as clearly as possible. It makes sense to use plain English, as clearer information is more likely to save time and money. This A – Z plain English guide to common environmental terms is an important resource that have no doubt will help people understand more complex terms that are used every day in relation to environmental issues. I hope you find it useful.



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