Date: 2017
Author: NALA; Mason Hayes & Curran
ISBN: Not applicable

Plain English and the law. The legal consequences of clear and unclear communication

This guide presents case studies that show you how clear communication can save you time and money. Part one provides you with evidence of the legal consequences of clear and unclear communications in three court cases in Ireland. Two of the legal case studies show how unclear communication led to costly court cases. One case study shows how a company won a court case because it was proven that they had provided clear information to a consumer. Part two provides you with the current context of why clear communications now more important than ever. We describe what plain English is and how it is gaining traction – from public demands for clear consumer contracts to the emphasis on plain language in the Central Bank of Ireland’s Consumer Protection Code. Part three provides you with the know how of how to provide clear information. We provide guidance on how to write in plain English, words and phrases to avoid, document design tips and other useful resources.



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